Your personal spiritual path and practice.


For over 30 years, Second Breath has been welcoming individuals of diverse faith traditions and no faith tradition to journey the path of contemplatives. We create spiritual tools that allow you to unearth your wisdom within, and move towards all that makes you fully alive. We believe that we are all wonderfully made – and that when we’re living out of deep aliveness, we’re able to create a more loving world.


Some of the tools we offer include pocket spiritual app practices via the Second Breath Daily Meditation app; and in-person programming for folks living in and around Greensboro, NC – the city where Second Breath Center was founded and to this day calls home. We also package our most resonant programs to make them available on-demand to folks like you, seeking to start or deepen your spiritual practice on your own time, in your own space.


All of our teachings are grounded in teachings of spiritual mystics from the Christian Wisdom Tradition, and latest peer-reviewed scientific research. Explore the on-demand offerings below.


Self Compassion: The Science and Wisdom of Being Kind to Yourself [On-Demand]
ON-DEMAND | In February 2023, Second Breath Center hosted a virtual workshop on Self Compassion: The Science and Wisdom of Being Kind to Yourself. Find out what Jesus of Nazareth really meant when he said "Love your neighbor as yourself." This workshop is facilitated by Rev. Jo Nygard Owens, Second Breath Conscious Facilitator and Pastor of Digital Ministry at the Washington National Cathedral.


As a 501(c)(3) non-profit, our funding comes from our community. A sustaining monthly gift provides stable and sustainable financial support that allows us to answer community needs and desires now.


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