Second Breath App: Spiritual Practice & Mindfulness



In just a few minutes a day, the Second Breath spiritual practice app will help you:

We’ve created a unique mindfulness and spiritual practice app, rooted in ancient Christian wisdom and modern science. Feel more joy. Focus better. Connect with God. Wherever, whenever, just as you are. Neuroscience has proven what wisdom has long taught: a few minutes a day of spiritual practice and mindfulness will literally change your brain… and your life. 

5, 10, and 20 minute Daily Centering guided practices

Hundreds of spiritual practices for your heart, mind, and body

Series on real life topics like stress, sleep, and forgiveness

Not only can you reap these benefits by using our app for just a few minutes a day, experience has taught us that this inner work spills out to the world around us in powerful ways. Or, as we like to say: Great outer work arises from great inner work. None of us can pour from an empty bucket, but Second Breath will help you fill up and leave you with more to give.


Second Breath operates from a progressive Christian lens, but we’re not about dogma or gatekeeping the Divine. Users of many faith traditions and no faith tradition at all have found resonance with our work. We have been transforming lives and communities for over 30 years through spiritual practice and wisdom teachings, and our new app brings our expertise right into your hands.


Download today for tons of free practices and subscribe monthly or yearly to access premium features and all of our wisdom series.


$ $58
(Less than $5 a month!)


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