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We built this online school to share with the broader world what we have been offering to individuals and groups in our small North Carolina school for over two decades: the opportunity for growth, transformation, and rejuvenation rooted in spiritual practice and ancient Christian wisdom.

A Note of Welcome

When you sign up for one of our courses or workshops through our Second Breath School, you are signing up for a journey that is all about you and the life you are living. All of our courses and workshops are really experiences that honor your gifts and unique spirit as well as opportunities for you to access your deepest wisdom for your extraordinary life. Some of our courses take you on an inward journey of self-understanding and personal transformation while other courses offer new paths for your outward journey of meaning, purpose, and connection.

Our offerings are grounded in the Christian Wisdom Tradition and also weave in research from psychology, physiology, neurobiology and organizational theory. In all courses, you will have access to spiritual practices that help you relate to whatever arises on your journey with embodied wisdom, unconditional compassion and focused clarity. You are God’s beloved—wonderfully made—and our school is here to affirm your unique way of being—for the benefit of your relationship with yourself, those around you, and the world.

The Second Breath Team


Enneagram Connects 10.2.21

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Saturday, October 2


10am-1pm EST


Enneagram insights on how to compassionately relate to others (and ourselves)

3 Centered Knowing 9.18.21

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Saturday, September 18


9am- 12pm EST


Experience fullness of life through the wisdom of the body, heart, and mind


This class invites you to explore what you really want to do and be in your life.