Women’s Wisdom Circle

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Thursdays, April 4 - May 16, 2024
10:00 - 11:30am
Lineweaver Room, Holy Trinity Episcopal Church • 607 N Greene St, Greensboro, NC 27401

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Long has the symbol of the circle held meaning. It is known to represent connection, wholeness, unity, oneness, the cycle of life, eternity, holding. A circle refers to the totality of experience.


We mostly go through our day-to-day lives focused on “what’s next” and “then what.” The uniqueness of the wisdom circle is the focus on the here and now.


This wisdom circle will provide space to gather and welcome greater self-awareness, deeper connection with one another and ourselves while relying on Spirit. Our intention of being together in new ways will provide an opportunity for women to hear their own voices, the voices of other women and perhaps the inner voice of love that abides in us all.


Each week we will gather around a word or theme. Our framework will include a variety of spiritual practices, deep listening, and creative reflections – all while relying on our three centers of intelligence: body, heart and head. Consider this an invitation of sorts to “gather around the listening table…”


Women of any age, in any life stage are welcome. This 7-week wisdom circle is facilitated by Ashley McCarthy.


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This course is offered using a sliding scale payment structure. We trust that community members will pay what they can and through this generosity, we all can continue the work of creating a more loving world. Additionally, we offer scholarships for retirees, students, and those needing financial assistance. There is no burden of proof and no strings attached. Simply fill out this short form to submit a request for your desired scholarship amount. Cost will never be a barrier to accessing our work.