[NEEDS EDITS] Ashley McCarthy

Ashley McCarthy

Second Breath Conscious Facilitator

Ashley McCarthy is in private practice in Greensboro, N.C. She enjoys integrating spiritual practices and relational exercises into her psychotherapeutic work and has a keen interest in exploring the mind in our head, as well as the mind in the heart and belly (body). In her work and in her life, Ashley is passionate about helping others not lose track of their own story. Mindful self-compassion and, more recently, somatic self-compassion have been hallmarks for Ashley moving from hiding to being seen, numbing to fully feeling, and denying to living in what is real. A few of her hobbies and pleasures include: cooking and meal-sharing; reading poetry; early morning quiet; Joe Van Gogh coffee; trail running; mountains of any kind; close friends and neighbors; and the themes Frederic Buechner writes about. Ashley studied Communication Studies/PR at UNC-Greensboro and received her Masters in Counseling and Theology from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary with high honors. She and her husband have literally climbed mountains and descended valleys as wilderness guides and figuratively done the same in their 24 years of marriage. They are each other’s greatest adventure. Her twins are her biggest surprise and she loves surprises; especially the kind she likes.


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