Vicki Longhofer

Vicki Longhofer

Second Breath Conscious Facilitator

Vicki’s first experience of the labyrinth walk in 1998 at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco became life-changing. In 2001, she received facilitator training from the Rev. Dr. Lauren Artress, who first introduced the labyrinth to Grace Cathedral and subsequently popularized contemporary labyrinth practice around the United States and worldwide through the nonprofit she founded, Veriditas. For twenty-three years Vicki has shared this special path with walkers of all ages. She has participated in two Chartres pilgrimages, and acquired advanced training. Through years of work with this unique form of meditation Vicki understands the heart-opening practice of the labyrinth walk as a medium for fostering peace, both individually and communally.


An artist and educator, Vicki finds inspiration and energy in helping others connect with the creative process as they encounter the labyrinth. She has facilitated walks, workshops and retreats in diverse settings, including hospitals, parks, youth camps, retreat centers and other community-based venues. Labyrinth meditations are also woven into her SoulCollage® groups. As a Veriditas Council member she delights in sharing the joyful mission of growing and supporting the worldwide labyrinth community.


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