Claire Caldwell

Claire Caldwell

Director of Marketing

In her capacity of Director of Marketing, Claire Caldwell (she/her) is building the Second Breath movement, bringing these life-changing products and programs to people who want and need them.


Claire first learned about Second Breath from her mom, from whom she inherited a pull to spiritual practice. Having studied many different spiritual traditions together — from yoga to meditation to ayurvedic medicine — Claire almost didn’t believe her mom when she talked about the gentle but transformative power of her experience in Second Breath’s Inward Journey class. Claire wanted to see for herself. Having now taken her own Inward Journey, she most values Second Breath’s emphasis on three-centered intelligence. These days, Claire is really leaning into trusting the inherent wisdom and strength of her body and heart.


Before coming to Second Breath, Claire got her start doing communications for non-profits working in global public health, LGBTQ+ rights, reproductive freedom and criminal justice reform. She cut her teeth as a digital campaigner with organizations like the ACLU and Freedom for All Americans before launching a 4.5 career at NYC-based PR agency BerlinRosen. In her capacity there as Vice President of Digital, she worked with leading labor unions, advocacy organizations, philanthropic foundations, government agencies and corporations to organize child care workers, defend abortion access at the ballot box, tell stories from inside the criminal and civil justice systems, build spiritual communities around meditation practices and products, and more. She helped to triple the size of the digital team and their business portfolio. And had the honor of hiring and mentoring 20+ strategists. In her 10+ years of marketing and campaigning, she’s learned: Movements are only ever as strong as the relationships between their members. Now, she’s training her eye on building a “slow movement” of Second Breathers — one that emphasizes quality (over quantity) of relationships with self and others, as we work to bring these transformative practices to the world.


Originally from Greensboro, Claire was eager to leave North Carolina after high school to explore life in big cities including DC, NYC and Paris. She was just as eager to return home in 2020 when COVID changed the game and she decided her #1 priority was being close to family and friends. Now she lives in Durham, NC with her two cats Bear and Bagheera. In this new chapter of life she’s really enjoying picking wild flowers at local flower farms, cold water immersion at the Eno River quarry, furniture thrifting to decorate her new home interior, and fire pits with friends. Her big 2022 project is to finish retrofitting an astro van for van life.