Sacred Creation: Savoring Food and Re-Examining Our Food Systems

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Saturday, March 23, 2024
9:30am - 12:00pm
Deep Roots Market • 600 North Eugene Street, GSO, NC 27401

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What if, instead of viewing food as a commodity that comes in a package, we viewed food as the incredible gift of aliveness that it is?


In this half-day workshop, facilitated by Susan Gladin, you’re invited to bring your three centers of intelligence (body, heart, mind) to examine your perhaps unconscious or inherited beliefs about food; and imagine a new relationship to food grounded in appreciation of Nature’s abundance, awareness of our role in the symbiotic relationship between Earth and human food systems, and reverence for the gift of aliveness food can offer.


We will approach the concepts of food and health from many perspectives:


  1. What are the cultural stories we’ve inherited about the earth, our hunger, our bodies, and our food? How have these stories shaped our food systems, the ways we shop, and the ways we eat?
  2. What levels of awareness do we bring to our relationship with food? To the act of consuming food and to the way our food affects how we feel physically, emotionally, mentally?
  3. Tapping into the wisdom of our three centers, can we begin to discern our role in the intricate relationships between the natural world, food systems, and the health of our bodies, our families, and the wider ecosystem in which we are active participants and recipients. 


In this workshop, we will supplement our own Divine inner knowing with the indigenous wisdom in Braiding Sweetgrass by bontanist and professor Dr. Robin Wall Kimmerer; and the historical insights illuminated in Animal, Vegetable, Junk by journalist Mark Bittman. Together, we’ll explore nature’s incredible gifts of sustenance and how we might feed ourselves in ways that call us to dance joyfully within this circle of life.


Please note: While we’ll focus on many aspects of food and health, we will not be discussing dieting and weight loss.


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This course is offered using a sliding scale payment structure. We trust that community members will pay what they can and through this generosity, we all can continue the work of creating a more loving world. Additionally, we offer scholarships for retirees, students, and those needing financial assistance. There is no burden of proof and no strings attached. Simply fill out this short form to submit a request for your desired scholarship amount. Cost will never be a barrier to accessing our work.