At the Center, we’re perhaps best known for spiritual programming and practices. And if you’ve ever participated in a workshop, or wisdom circle, or class, you know that our spiritual programs and practice spaces are typically very interactive, with a focus on fostering community connection. We believe in the wisdom that arises among a small group of closely-held seekers.


Last fall, at the inaugural annual Community Listening Session, we heard a longing for opportunities to come together in person outside of the “classroom” setting. When we hear a call, we seek to respond! As such…

We’re hosting a community potluck on May 14 to celebrate the end of spring semester. 


No further agenda: just good food and good company.

This potluck is open to everyone — the more the merrier! Current and former students? Welcome! Folks with a faith community looking to meet other spiritual seekers? Welcome! Folks with no faith community and curious about finding one that feels right? Welcome! Family and friends of any of the above? Welcome! Folks just looking for a tasty, home-cooked meal and a good time? Welcome! (If you’re seeing this and still wondering if you’re invited, please know that you are!) 


WHAT: Community Potluck

WHEN: Tuesday, May 14 | 6 – 8 PM EST

WHERE: Holy Trinity, Episcopal Church, Greensboro, NC


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Weekly Community Practice

For more than two decades, we’ve supported students moving beyond a mere intellectual understanding of God, faith, and love to actually experiencing them with mind, heart, and body. The best method we know for cultivating this shift is spiritual practice.

Join us virtually every Wednesday at 12pm EST for a guided spiritual practice led by a Second Breath facilitator.

Find previously recorded Weekly Community Practices on our YouTube page.


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