Nathan Sebens

Nathan Sebens

Manager of Development and Partnerships

As the Manager of Development and Partnerships, Nathan Sebens (he/him) is working to nurture and grow our community here at Second Breath so that it can support the inner and outer work that our programming seeds.


Professionally, Nathan has engaged and nurtured relationships across several vocations. Whether as a public school teacher, a church choir director, a campus minister, or a professional actor, those relationships were always the cornerstones of his work. Regardless of the job title, Nathan’s superpower is his ability to seek out and encourage that Light Within all people. The great joy of his professional career has been those moments when he looks around a room full of vibrancy, spiritual connection, and community that is nourished by virtue of their time together. Nathan is thrilled to be a new member of the Second Breath community and for the opportunity to pour into and expand the community in ways that welcome and serve our neighbors here in Greensboro.


Nathan grew up in the mountains of Virginia, just north of Mt. Airy, NC. His faith journey is deeply rooted in the Quaker tradition, of which he has been an active participant for his entire life. That faith and experience of the Light Within has guided him throughout his life and to this position at Second Breath. Since returning to Greensboro, Nathan enjoys complex board games, exploring the trails of Guilford County, performing in local community theaters. He has a quixotic (and very silly) hope that the Carolina Panthers will figure out how to play football.


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