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Welcome to the Inward Journey!


We are so excited to greet you as you embark on a rich journey of personal exploration and discovery. 


Over the past three decades, students have taken the Inward Journey course at our headquarters in Greensboro, North Carolina.  In 2021, we began sharing this content online, expanding our reach and transforming individuals and communities on a much broader scale. We continue to be humbled and astonished by the power of this course and the impact that the Christian Wisdom tradition has on students no matter their location or life stage.


You are moving in the same direction as thousands of journeyers before you, daring to ask big questions like:

If you find yourself asking these or similar questions:  Welcome, welcome, welcome!  We are so happy that you made it here.  


For some students, beginning the course is a relief; for others, it’s a bit uncomfortable.  No matter where you land, we will do our best to create a space where you can open yourself to a new way of experiencing yourself, others, the world, and the divine.  


Tap “Lesson 1: Welcome and Introductions” below and let’s get started!


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Course Includes

  • 6 Lessons
  • 25 Topics


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