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Further Engagement

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You’ve officially made it to the trail’s end. Way to go! Now it’s time to kick off your well-worn boots and honor your inward journey. You’ve scaled new heights and traversed new depths like no traveller before you.


Take in the vista behind you one last time. Whether it’s a field full of flowers, a canyon riverbank, or a sandy shore, we hope you’re able to breathe in fresh air and sense the new, expansive freedom you’ve found within and all around you.


This may be the end of our final session, but it’s the very beginning of your new life lived in Divine awareness with a clear, quiet mind; an authentic heart; and a deeply grounded body.


We invite you to complete one more group reflection that will help you consider where you’ve been and share what’s next for you.


There are 2 activities to complete:

  • GROUP SHARE: Your Inward Journey
  • REVIEW: Further Engagement
  • GROUP SHARE: Your Inward Journey

One way to honor your journey and plan for what’s ahead is to reflect on the information and practices that were most valuable to you along the way.
Head over to the Community Discussion Board one last time and share one (or more) of your answers to the following prompts with your fellow journeyers:

  • What topic covered in this course have you benefited from most?
  • What part of your journey has surprised or delighted you the most? Why?
  • What has inspired you most during this leg of your journey?
  • What is next for you on your journey?

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  • REVIEW: Further Engagement

By embarking on the Inward Journey, you’ve given yourself the opportunity to do something most people never do: Pause and reflect on who you are and what you want. 


Before our paths diverge, we have a few parting ideas for further engagement. Tap the left-aligned triangle (>) icons below to read more about the opportunities listed.

1. Take the Outward Journey

In the Inward Journey online course, you journeyed deep – re-engaging your inner wisdom and re-calibrating your internal compass. In late 2021, Second Breath will premiere The Outward Journey, a second online course that will invite you to explore how your truest self thrives in community with others.

Let’s continue walking together and answering questions that tap into the heart of life: Who do I really want to be? What do I really want to do?

* Tap here to sign up for our Outward Journey waiting list and receive a discount when it goes live!

2. Join Second Breath’s Weekly Community Practice

You’re invited! Join the Second Breath community every Wednesday at 12pm EST as we gather virtually for a 20-minute spiritual practice session led by a Second Breath team member.

Whether you’re a beginner or a long-term practicer, come experiment with spiritual practice and experience the power spiritual practice can have on the quality of our living and loving.


* Tap here to learn more.

3. Explore the Second Breath App

During your Inward Journey, you’ve been invited to try out a range of free spiritual practices on the * Second Breath App

As you continue your to move towards establishing a daily spiritual practice, consider becoming a monthly or yearly subscriber so that you can unlock all the practices. New spiritual practices and series are uploaded monthly!

4. Download the Inward Journey Supplemental Reading List

Over the last 30 years, we have read, reflected, and reviewed resources and voices from fields including spirituality, psychology, neuroscience and more.


* Tap here to download our list of texts relevant to your Inward Journey.

5. Tell Us about Your Experience
Our mission is to listen and to adjust our work in order to help others on the journey. Please consider emailing us at [email protected]. We promise to review every comment an truly appreciate thoughtful feedback.
6. Create a “Life Card”

As a parting gift to yourself, create a meaningful “life card” that can serve as reminder of your journey thus far.

On one side of your card, write your full name. Put a title under your name that represents your truest self. This title may be aspirational or who you are in this present moment.

On the back of the card, list three to five qualities you’ve discovered while on your inward journey.

Tuck this treasure into your wallet or your journal as a memento. When you start to wander or wonder, whip out your card as a reminder of the journey you are on right now.

As always, trust that God is conspiring with the Universe on your behalf. Blessings on your journey.


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