Cultivating Compassion: Resources to ground the body, open the heart, and clear the mind in a challenging time. CLICK HERE

Practices of Support and Presence during Challenging Times

We invite you to join all or one of our sessions that will provide community, support, and practices of presence to hold us during these challenging times. The design of these sessions is to utilize the space for embodied practices to increase one’s awareness and presence through engagement,  inquiry, and small group sharing. Our desire is that these sessions will offer each participant a safe and supportive “harbor” to connect with oneself and others in a way that engages their body, heart, and mind.


Workshop Details

  • Thursdays (11/19, 12/17) 10:30-12pm
  • $25 per session
  • Facilitated by:  Summer Estes, Beth Farrand, Ashley McCarthy

Facilitators: As licensed clinical therapists and a spiritual director Ashley, Summer, and Beth love using their gifts in collaboration to create safe, supportive, and transformative spaces for others.

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