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Increasing Communication and Conflict Resolution Intelligence through the Enneagram

Increasing Communication and Conflict Resolution Intelligence through the Enneagram:
How the Harmonic Triad can help us know our “language” around conflict resolution and speak the “language” of the other Triads.

Workshop Details:

    • Saturday, November 14th
    • 10am-12pm
    • Cost $30 for zoom webinar
    • Facilitator: Summer Estes MA, NCC, LCMHC.

Summer is a clinical mental health counselor and a student of the Enneagram for 10 years. She completed her training under leading Enneagram Expert Russ Hudson at the Enneagram Institute in New York in 2019.

The Harmonic Groups are another way we can group the Enneagram into three groups of three—and has the capacity to help us transform our conflicts into deep understanding and love.

“The Harmonic Groups tell us how we cope with conflict and difficulty: how we respond when we do not get what we want. … They reveal the fundamental way that our personality defends against loss and disappointment.”The Wisdom of the Enneagram by Riso & Hudson

Harmonic Groups connect numbers 9, 2, and 7 – the “Positive Outlook” group; numbers 1, 3, and 5 – the “Competency” group; and numbers 4, 6, and 8 – the “Reactive” group.

In this workshop we will explore each of these harmonic groups in the following ways:

      • How does knowing your harmonic group impact your handling conflict in personal and professional relationships?
      • What are the strengths and the blind spots for your harmonic group?
      • What spiritual practices, knowing your harmonic group, help you release and return to Divine Essence?

In today’s polarized and politically charged environment, these skills are greatly needed to bring more compassion to ourselves and others as well as increase our capacity to find common ground in the midst of conflict. *This is for the beginner and advanced Enneagram student. It is an introductory look at the Harmonic Triad. Having a basic understanding of the 9 types would be helpful to understanding the content in this workshop.

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