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Introduction to Second Breath Workshop

Interested in learning more about Second Breath and experiencing the life changing practices? Bring a Second Breath senior facilitator to your unique context for a day long workshop. In this dynamic space you’ll be introduced to the intellectual framework rooted in Scripture, tradition and modern science as well as experience transformational spiritual practices.

In this workshop, we will explore:

What is Second Breath?

  • Second Breath is a “path” and a “practice” rooted in the Christian Wisdom Tradition.
  • Great outer work arises from great inner work. Second Breath Center cultivates both.

What do you mean by Christian Wisdom tradition?

  • The Christian Wisdom tradition is interested in the transformation of the whole person and the whole church from the inside out.

Transformation from what to what?

  • From Egocentricity to Love and Compassion
  • From Dualism to Non-dual Acceptingness
  • From Scarcity to Abundance
  • From Separation to Connection

What is a spiritual practice?

  • Learn and experience transformational spiritual practices that activate the intelligence of the mind, heart, and body. These practices can be folded into your daily life.

What is the goal of the workshop?

  • Explore a fresh articulation of Christian spirituality rooted in the Christian Wisdom tradition.
  • Experience and learn dynamic spiritual practices that can be used for years to come.
  • Discover more fully: God has committed some particular work to you or to your church, which has not been committed to anyone else. Live into your unique call and experience the joy of co-creation with God.
  • Learn more about how to become a Second Breath facilitator.
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