Lesson 1, Topic 1
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Reflection Questions

Reflection Questions:

“Through this coursework, we do want to give you an intellectual framework that is resonant with your heart and mind and that we’re a place where you can hang your experiences, but we also want to equip you with spiritual practices that create space for you to really transform yourself. Not from the outside, but the inside out.” From Session #1

Initial Response:

What resonated with you from this lesson? What was interesting? What was challenging? What was new or surprising?

Interpretive Questions:

Do you resonate with the experience of being on a hamster wheel? What parts of life contribute to that feeling?

What do you imagine it would feel like to step off the hamster wheel? What is scary about possibly stepping off and slowing down? Are there any parts of you that resist it? What parts of you would welcome this way of being?

Invitational Questions:

Where might your “chair” be? Can you start to imagine a spot where you go to regularly be still?


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