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Course Components

Our intention with this course is to offer you a path, based on the Christian wisdom tradition, to discover or perhaps re-discover your Divine wisdom “applied” to the life you are living.

Our hope is that you will engage in one topic at a time, completing all of the videos and reflections within that topic before moving on to the next one.  You will need about an hour for each lesson which includes 2-3 short videos and then also time to engage with the video teachings and reflection questions.

Instructional Videos and Second Breath App

One important component of this program is the instructional video segments that make up each topic. In these videos, the Rev. Gregory  Farrand will be joining you and sharing the path and practice of Christian spirituality. During this time, Greg will explore the concepts, practices, and teachings presented in the Christian Wisdom tradition for cultivating, as Jesus of Nazareth described, a life of freedom and fullness.  

Another essential aspect of this program is the engagement of spiritual practices using the Second Breath app. As Greg explains in the course, spiritual practice is a vital component for our journey to free ourselves from being stuck or habituated in the life we are living and move towards a life of meaning and joy. 

Reflection Questions

At the end of each video segment, you will find reflection questions, which will provide you with another way to deepen your experience. We have found that when we get still, open to the Divine Presence that resides within and have an opportunity to consider what this might mean in our lives, we have all we need to lean into the life God has dreamed for each of us.

We invite you to use the confidential journal space provided so that you will have a record of your insights as you make your journey and so you can review and have a record  of your new understandings at the end of the class. 

Please take a moment to engage with the following reflection questions to deepen your learning experience.

  • What is your intention or hope for this course? Be open to this changing as you move through the course.
  • Do you have a goal in any specific area of your life? Again, be open to how Divine Wisdom might arise in the midst of this experience and shift your focus.

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