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A Space Between: Take 2



As you move into the space between lessons, continue to hold these questions about the way you are living your life:


During the time between lessons, we suggest engaging with the following spiritual practices everyday using the Second Breath app.


  • Releasing Axiety: Found in the guided “Mind” section |  6 minutes
  • Getting Credit: Found in the guided “Heart” section  |  7 minutes  

These practices will help you relax and open to the unfolding possibility that you are actually loved for who you are rather than what you do in life.


(If you need help navigating to these practices, use the image guide below. Tap on the images to see them larger.)


Post Engagement Synthesis Activities

Tap the tabs below to view the “Straight-Forward,” “Creative,” or “Deep Dive” activities for this lesson. Each activity supports your continuing exploration of what motivates you to remain in bondage rather than pursuing freedom. We're conditioned to resist change, but we hope this lesson has inspired you to access new openness to alternate ways of thinking and being.

We invite you to complete at least one activity before your next lesson, but feel free to do more!

1 1) Straight-Forward
2 2) Creative
3 3) Deep Dive
1) Straight-Forward

Security Over Freedom

Recommended for those who would benefit from a "Straight-Forward Activity"


When the Israelites believed that God was not taking care of them – either in the way they wanted or in the way they thought they needed – they talked about going back into bondage rather than staying on the journey to freedom.


Where, when, and with whom can you see this dynamic playing out in your own life? Journal on this prompt for 15 minutes or more.

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2) Creative

My Wilderness

Recommended for those who would benefit from a "Creative Activity"


Revisit a time (or times) in your life when you found yourself in the wilderness. When have you made a conscious choice to move from bondage to freedom? Imagine what the space in the middle of that journey looked like. Were you in a desert? A densely wooded forest? Outer space?


Draw the most significant wildernesses in your life as if they were physical places. Then write a couple sentences about that journey using the following prompts:


  • What did it feel like as you entered the wilderness?

  • What did it feel like when you were in the middle of that journey.

  • What did it feel like when you exited the wilderness and moved into a freer space?

Lastly, think about how would you depict your current state. Feel free to draw that as well.

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3) Deep Dive

Rewriting and Rewiring Your Day

Recommended for those who want a deeper dive into the impact of this lesson and/or plan to use this material to teach others.

Let’s imagine what it would feel like to be totally free of worry, fear, emotionality, and irritation.


Re-vist a day in the past week when you were not free. Re-write this day into a narrative that shows you feeling grounded in your body; authentically compassionate in all your interactions; and open to inner guidance.


How did you move through the day fully present to every moment? How did you connect with others? How did you relate to yourself and those closest to you? How often did you laugh or smile?

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