Ruth Anderson

Ruth D. Anderson, Ph.D.

Chief Content Officer

Ruth (she/her) first came to Second Breath decades ago as a student while working as an executive in a publishing company. Ruth found Second Breath teachings and practices revolutionary to her work, family, community, and spiritual life — so much so, that she eventually came on staff and has served as director and co-director over the last 20 years before shifting her focus toward her passion for writing and teaching in her current role. Ruth has a PhD in Interpersonal and Organizational Communication from the University of Oregon and taught for 15 years at North Carolina State University. She worked as an executive at Kindermusik International for 8 years before joining the staff of Second Breath. 


Ruth lives with her artist husband, Phil. In addition to her work as Content Creator, Ruth writes a monthly column for her local Greensboro newspaper on the good work of nonprofits in our area and for many years has been deeply involved with an organization called Partnership Village, which serves formerly homeless families.


Ruth is particularly grateful for the way that spiritual practices, learned through Second Breath, have helped her live a life of much more joy and meaning, personally and professionally. She loves watching people discover themselves “anew” while on the Outward Journey (a core teaching of Second Breath) — as she did many years ago. She says, “When we all get a glimpse of being God’s beloved–all uniquely gifted–we do, in fact, become the Self God had in mind (at our creation) and nothing is ever the same in our lives.”