Layton Williams

Layton Williams-Berkes

Chief Marketing Officer

Layton (she/her) serves as Second Breath’s Chief Marketing Officer. She oversees all of Second Breath’s marketing efforts across products, programs, and various communication platforms. Layton looks for opportunities to connect people and groups who would benefit from our work to the products and services that best fit their needs and seeks to share the Second Breath story with the world.


Layton was unfamiliar with Second Breath prior to joining the staff in 2020. In fact, she describes herself as “a former spiritual practice skeptic.” Previously, her approach to faith focused heavily on social justice work, fellowship, and community worship. However, as the COVID-19 pandemic suddenly made physical gatherings impossible, Layton realized how much both she and the congregation she was serving were struggling without having a vibrant inward spirituality to lean on. She realized that she was exactly the sort of person who stood to be transformed by Second Breath’s work and eagerly joined the effort to help them grow.


Layton is an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) and previously served at Fourth Presbyterian Church in Chicago, IL and Sunrise Church in Sullivan’s Island, SC. She also worked for several years as Audience Engagement Editor at Sojourners in Washington D.C. Prior to earning her Masters of Divinity from Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Texas, Layton served in AmeriCorps and worked for several years as an educator for middle and high school students. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Georgia.


Layton comes from a big family with whom she is very close. Though she grew up in Georgia, most of her family now calls Charleston, SC home and she moved there in 2018 to put down roots. She lives with her husband, Billy, and their cat, Gryffindor. When she’s not working, Layton loves to read on the beach, write, watch her husband paint, and hang out with her six nieces and nephews.


Layton has a convert’s zeal when it comes to Second Breath teachings and practices, and is particularly fond of the core concept that we belong to a friendly universe. Her favorite practice is Three Deep Breaths because of its simplicity and accessibility. She says, “It was revolutionary to realize that the outward facing work—for justice, for love, for God’s kin-dom—hinges on having a deep inner reservoir of spirituality and divine connection.