Kathleen Donohue

Kathleen Donohue

Second Breath Conscious Facilitator

Kathleen brings a spirit of authenticity to all that she does. She especially enjoys the art of ‘discovery,’ in both her work as a Second Breath certified Conscious Facilitator and as a business strategy consultant.


Since joining the Second Breath Conscious Facilitator bench, Kathleen has been instrumental in the development of curriculum, building inroads with the Greensboro community, and holding sacred space. She has a special ability to drop into vulnerability and to be a container for others to express vulnerability as they feel ready and willing.


Kathleen is a Board Certificated Coach from Life Purpose Institute Inc., using the 7-step Model for Change and she received her BA in Biology and Psychology from SUNY Buffalo State College. She is a life-long learner.


Her blended family includes her husband Scott, his two children, her son, and his wife, along with their three children aka ‘the littles’ making her a ‘YaYa’ three times over! Kathleen makes sure to carve out quality adventures with them regularly!


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