Greg Farrand

Rev. Greg Farrand

Executive Director

Greg (he/him) is responsible for upholding Second Breath’s vision and commitment to embodying the values it espouses. His work also includes teaching, promoting Second Breath, and creating the optimal environment for each Second Breath team member to thrive.

Like a number of our staff, Greg first came to Second Breath as a student. He was working as a pastor and struggling with profound burnout and discouragement when he encountered Second Breath’s teachings. In Second Breath classes, Greg found a fresh articulation of Christian spirituality resonant with Scripture, tradition, and science, as well as helpful practices that powerfully transformed his life and ministry. Greg eventually joined Second Breath’s team as teacher and co-director alongside Ruth D. Anderson, before stepping into his current role in 2021.

Prior to joining Second Breath, Greg attended Reformed Theological Seminary and worked in several unique ministry settings, including as a missionary in Uganda, and in campus ministry at Wake Forest and North Carolina School of the Arts. Greg also served as founder and lead pastor of Spring Garden Community Church and as co-director of Selah Spiritual Formation, a nonprofit committed to facilitating spiritual direction and retreats. Most recently, he served as Associate Priest at Holy Trinity Episcopal Church.

Greg’s favorite things about Second Breath include the integration of spiritual tradition and science, the connection between our inward journeys and our outward impact, and being a part of a community of like-hearted spiritual travelers,


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