Erin Reitz

Erin Reitz

Senior Manager of User Experience

Erin’s (she/they) work spans our marketing, content, and product teams, and focuses on chiseling Second Breath’s mission and messaging into accessible and meaningful content that engages and expands the Second Breath community.

A friend first encouraged Erin to check out Second Breath, though it was several years before the timing aligned and Erin actually followed through. They participated in some of Second Breath’s foundational courses and were deeply impacted by what they learned. Eventually, Erin offered their skills in design, communications, and digital engagement to the organization, working on various projects on a part-time basis before finally coming on board full time in 2021.

Prior to joining the Second Breath staff, Erin worked for a several years on the digital content team at Our State magazine, during which time they trekked across North Carolina with camera in hand, capturing the best things about their home state including (but not limited to) breweries, hidden hiking spots, and folk musicians. After Our State, Erin served as the Communications Manager at the Campus Y, UNC Chapel Hill’s Hub for Social Justice. They received their Bachelor of Arts degree from Guilford College and earned a Graduate Certificate in Digital Communications from UNC Hussman School of Journalism and Media.

Erin lives with their partner and pup in Durham, NC and holds an ever-deepening love for the people, places, and spirit of the South. They enjoy discussing the intersection between spirituality and psychology, LGBTQ+ representation, dogs, live music, memoirs, and the newest binge-worthy show on Netflix.

Erin loves that Second Breath’s teachings and products mean something different to every single person who engages with them. They are particularly fond of heart- and body-focused spiritual practice, which they say are as important (if not more so) as the head-focused practices. About Second Breath, Erin says, “I took Second Breath’s foundational classes at a time in my life when I was finally open (read: desperate) enough to re-envision the way I’d been thinking, connecting, and living. It’s an honor to work for an organization that changed my life.”