Curt Shaw

Curt Shaw

Second Breath Conscious Facilitator

‘The new creation is not so 

much over our heads… as under our feet.’

Curt’s life is full of stories and journeys, both outward and inward. 


Contemplative by nature he worked with Quakers for many years on the congregational, state and national level. After honeymooning on bicycles, Curt spent his first year of marriage at the rural Christian community, Koinonia Partners, working construction. That same year, the Koinonia community was priming to launch Habitat for Humanity – a then experimental project turned household name.


Curt enjoys hearing and telling a good story. Part poet, part thinker, full-time lover of family, friends and life, Curt brings a very fresh (and new) paradigm to living in a God-soaked world. He’s been known to say that “everything, for me, comes back to the nine practices” as taught by Jesus to his innermost circle of followers. Like those followers, Curt, too, hungers for a new way of being, and finds the practices still as resonant today as they would have been back then.


Curt, a long-time teacher and facilitator first with Servant Leadership School and now Second Breath, brings deep listening, dedicated personal practice, and joie de vivre to all he does. This traits make him a force to be around and a treasure of a facilitator.


When he’s not engaged in practice and community, he’s very likely teaching his granddaughters to swim or letting them teach him the latest TikTok dances.


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