Setting an Intention

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At Second Breath, we talk a lot about “co-creation.”

Let’s break down what this means to us: We believe that each one of us has been created in the Imago Dei, or, the “image of God.” That means we have been given creative powers to influence and impact the world around us — for better or worse.

In fact, I believe we are far more powerful than we dare imagine.

When we recognize our power and have the courage to lean into it, God takes our acts of kindness and compassion, and — like the loaves and fishes — multiplies the impact exponentially. You have no idea how far out the ripples flow from your small acts of kindness.

One of the most powerful ways to lean into your co-creative power is to set a daily intention that resonates with your heart and your values.

Sara Weand, L.P.C., a licensed dialectical behavior therapist explains setting an intention like this: “It’s like laying the foundation for what you’d like to have, feel, and experience versus just being a passive participant going through the motions. Intentions provide you with the opportunity to actively participate in your life the way you want to live it.”

As we near the beginning of a new year, we invite you to dare to imagine how you want to actively participate in co-creating a better, more beautiful world.

—Rev. Greg Farrand, Executive Director | Second Breath


This week’s featured practice, “Setting an Intention” is a quick one, with lasting impacts.

Take 3 minutes at the beginning of your day to consciously pick a quality that you want to cultivate and proclaim your commitment to be guided by that quality.

As we bring our awareness to our intentions, we invite their essence into our conscious minds and into our everyday lives.


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