SB Crew



“Instructions for living a life:

Pay attention.

Be astonished.

Tell about it.”

― Mary Oliver

What is the SB Crew?

We’ve experienced a lot of growth and change at Second Breath lately. In this time of transition and expansion, we’ve been grateful for the help, encouragement and insight from supporters…so much so, that they really feel like part of the team. These are folks – some new to us and some we’ve known for awhile – who really seem to embody Second Breath’s conviction that greater outer work arises from greater inner work. People who believe as we do that spiritual practice and Christian wisdom can transform lives and the world.


We know we can’t do this work without folks like that (and we don’t want to!) so we decided: if they feel like part of our team, why not make them part of team?


In response, we’re launching the SB Crew (sometimes lovingly referred to by us as SBers). We hope that this group of people will consist of longtime friends and community members and folks who are new to the Second Breath world but excited and eager to help us shape our present and our future.


We count on our SBers to give us honest feedback on our products and services, to test out new courses and offerings, and to help us reach more people.


This isn’t a job or an obligation: it’s simply an invitation to join us on this journey in whatever way you feel called. If you’re interested in joining our crew, fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch soon!

Opportunities for SB Crew Members

While there are no requirements for being part of the Second Breath Crew, we do offer opportunities for further engagement for those who find deep resonance with our work.  Here are a couple of those opportunities:


Access Discussion Forums

Gain access to online school and engage in topic-based discussion with other members of the SB Crew and Staff

Trial New Products

Sign up for the Opportunity to test courses, workshops, app releases, and other products before they go public! 

Vision Together with Staff

Get access to provide discernment and vision dialogues with SB Staff team members as we plan our path going forward.

Join the Crew!

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