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Cultivating Compassion

Eight Resources to ground the body, open the heart, and clear the mind in a challenging time

1) Second Breath Center Live each Wednesday at Noon on Zoom
Join us for a live gathering of the Second Breath community where Greg or Ruth will lead us in a spiritual practice.
Meeting ID – 279 469 0933
Password – 744139

2) Peace in the Pandemic: Second Breath on Cultivating Compassion
Sign up for 5 at home spiritual practices and begin receiving two audio spiritual practices each week for 6 weeks

3) Second Breath Moments on Instagram
Allowing a moment for a guided inhale and exhale

4) Second Breath Center Community of Practice on Facebook
Join us on Facebook as we share our experiences with spiritual practices and support one another during this challenging time


5) Audio Spiritual Practices
These twelve spiritual practices, spoken by the Rev. Greg Farrand, guide you through the three centers of intelligence—mind, heart and body—to access your own deep wisdom. Highly recommended to support you on your journey.

6) Second Breath Center Inward Journey Spiritual Practice Card Deck and Booklet
New tool to explore 52 spiritual practices with descriptions; length of practice from 5-20 minutes; detailed step by step description of how to do the practice

7) Second Breath Center enews
Sign up to receive weekly enews with updates on what is being offered each week

8) Second Breath App
Learn more about our new mobile app with hundreds of spiritual practices, audio reflections on the inward and outward journeys, and a daily centering practice with 5, 10, and 15 minute options right at your fingertips


Spiritual Direction and Coaching

Many people today want to grow in their personal and spiritual lives. Among other things, they wonder, “Should I seek a guide to help me on my way?” Second Breath highly recommends enlisting the support of a skilled and insightful guide for your journey.

Spiritual direction and Coaching are two different forms of guidance that may be useful to you. The professionals listed below come recommended by our faculty. Some are available in person at or near the Second Breath Center in Greensboro, NC. Others are available by telephone or an agreed-upon online connection such as Skype, FaceTime and Zoom.

What is a spiritual director?

Spiritual direction is a form of soul companionship offered by a fellow person of faith to help you pay attention to God’s presence and activity in your life, to grow in intimacy with God, and to assist you in the discernment of a possible call. Spiritual direction is focused on your relationship with God. In spiritual direction, the true spiritual director is God, and the human spiritual director serves as more of a guide to help you to respond to God’s invitation into deeper relationship. In spiritual direction, you may explore questions like:

  • Where do I see God’s presence in my life right now?
  • How do I interpret my experience of God (in prayer, dreams, etc)?
  • What part of my spiritual life needs strengthening?
  • What does a deeper relationship with God look like?
  • Who is God calling me to be/become?

What is spiritual coaching?

Coaching is a pragmatic and goal-oriented approach to personal development, in which someone spends time learning about and helping you to evaluate the specific issues, barriers and limitations you may face in relation to particular wellness goals you have for your life. The coach will then assist you in mapping out deliberate, incremental steps towards that goal, while also providing support, encouragement and accountability along the way. In coaching, you may explore questions like:

  • How can I pursue a specific career change that moves me in the direction of my life’s sacred purpose?
  • How can I arrange my life to engage in spiritual practices that nourish me?
  • How can I achieve a greater sense of physical, emotional, and mental wellness?
  • How can I make specific health changes such as lose weight/exercise more/quit smoking?

Fil Anderson
Available Monday–Friday, 9am–5pm online or in person at 2605 Branchwood Road, Greensboro.
1 hour per month. No fee.

Expertise and training: Fil holds degrees from UNCW and Fuller Theological Seminary and a Certificate from Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation. He is a former Young Life Staff member and currently serves as director of Journey Resources. Fil is the author of ”Running on Empty: Contemplative Spirituality for Over-Achievers.”

Contact: 336.707.7388; [email protected]

Tom Benson

Flexible availability at the Abbey at New Garden Park, Greensboro or by other arrangement.  90-minute sessions scheduled as mutually determined.  No fee, although Donations accepted to support the Center for Contemplative Living, Inc.

Expertise and Training:  Primary focus is companioning others seeking intimacy with God through Contemplative Practices and Spiritual Formation Coaching.  Tom has completed Potter’s Inn – Soul Care Institute and Leadership Transformation’s – Selah Spiritual Direction Training certificate programs.  He is a Commissioned Presenter with Contemplative Outreach Ltd. in Centering and Welcoming Prayer.  Tom founded the Center for Contemplative Living, Inc. as a non-profit resource to support others in their Spiritual Journey (

Contact: 704.787.3431; [email protected]

Marge Birge
Available at 4301 Hanberry Drive, Greensboro.
1 hour every 4–6 weeks. Flexible fee.

Expertise and training: Marge focuses on mid-life issues, caregiving, spirituality of aging, and women’s issues, helping directees explore their prayer life and use different prayer styles. A former elementary school teacher, Marge is an active member in the Catholic faith, teaches Bible study and leads retreats. She has been doing spiritual direction for 12 years.

Contact: 336.288.8779; [email protected]

Cameron Cooke
Available online and in person in Whitsett, NC.
Flexible scheduling.

Expertise and training: Cameron works with individuals and small groups, focusing on life experience, business, law, government, growth and having fun in life. He is a minister and certified mediator with an extensive study of spiritual ideas.

Contact: 336.603.6709 (home/office); 336.509.0297 (cell); [email protected]

The Rev. Tricia de Beer, D.Min., M.Div.
Available online and in person at 2905 Wynnewood Drive, Greensboro.
Flexible scheduling, once or twice per month. Accepts fees, love offerings and donations to nonprofits.

Expertise and training: Tricia focuses on reducing our resistance to change, transitions and vocational discernment. She holds a M.Div. from Chicago Theological Seminary and a D.Min. focused on the spirituality of marriage from the School of Theology, University of the South. A trained Spiritual Director through the Shalem Institute and certified by the founders of Immunity to Change (, she specializes in the connection of one’s spiritual resources with the work toward becoming one’s true self. As an Episcopal priest, she has worked with clergy and lay leaders ranging in ages from 20 to 80.

Contact:; 781.652.1503; [email protected]

Marjorie Donnelly
Available in person at the Second Breath Center or by telephone, Skype or FaceTime.
Tuesday–Friday, 8am–5pm, once per month for one hour. Fee varies based on client’s discretion.

Expertise and training: Marjorie guides the inward journey of self-discovery, spirituality and creativity leading to the outward journey of service. She is a graduate of the Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation in Spiritual Guidance and received her M.Ed. in Counseling from the University of Virginia. Marjorie has 14 years of teaching and counseling experience in public education, is a certified Enneagram teacher and labyrinth facilitator and also focuses on journaling, prayer and meditation. She presently serves as Director of Christian Formation at Holy Trinity Episcopal Church and is a Second Breath Center faculty member.

Contact: 336.708.1646; 336.272.6149, ext. 221; [email protected]

Beth Farrand
Available in person at the Sacred Garden Bookstore (Second Breath Center) or via phone, FaceTime or Skype. Flexible scheduling.

Expertise and training: Beth studied spiritual guidance at the Shalem Institute in Baltimore, Maryland. She serves as a spiritual director of the Second Breath Center and co-executive Director of the Selah Spiritual Formation.

Contact: 336.253.8621

David Fouche
Available in person at his home at 155 Euclid Street or the Trinity Center, Inc. at 640 Holly Avenue — both in Winston-Salem.
Flexible scheduling and fee ranges.

Expertise and training: David works with individuals or groups and also conducts spiritual life retreats for adults. He is a graduate of Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation and a member of Spiritual Directors International.

Contact: 336.760.0024; [email protected]

Marion Gamble
Availability–flexible hours, flexible offering, meetings in my sunroom overlooking a small lake off Horse Pen Creek Rd in Greensboro.

Expertise and training: Marion is a 1998 graduate of the spiritual guidance program at Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation.  She has been offering direction for 20 years to clergy from varied denominations, seminary students, church leaders and other spiritual seekers. She has been active in Presbyterian, Episcopal, and UCC churches. Marion was very involved with the Servant Leadership School in its early years.  She is a retired psychologist and devoted grandmother. She is author of the book Life Cracks: Opening to God’s Presence through the Cracks in our Lives.

Contact: 336.285.1208; [email protected]

Mollie Gordon
Available via video conferencing or phone.
Flexible scheduling and affordable fees.

Expertise and training: Mollie offers private coaching and group coaching programs focused on goal identification and achievement, decluttering and downsizing, healthy eating and lifestyle improvements. She has certification from The Institution for Integrative Nutrition (New York City) and the Second Breath Core Curriculum and has earned a certificate in Lay Ministry from the Diocese of Charlotte, NC as well as a B.A. in Organizational Management from Master’s College, CA.

Contact:; 336.287.8931; [email protected]

Elizabeth Graves
Available online or by phone.
Flexible scheduling. Negotiable fees, including donations to mutually agreed-upon charitable organization.

Expertise and training: Elizabeth works primarily with persons in their 20s, 30s and 40s interested in attending to their spirituality. In the past several years she has worked with a number of GLBTQ clergy, those pursuing questions of life meaning, and with those recovering from childhood abuse. Elizabeth has a doctorate in counseling.

Contact: 828.226.5076; [email protected]

Dee Irwin
Flexible scheduling. Love offering accepted.

Expertise and training: Dee serves as a spiritual friend to clergy, works with those who wish to deepen their own spiritual journey, and incorporates Enneagram work for those who seek to further explore how daily life can become a spiritual practice. She has a PhD in Developmental Psychology and is a member of the Second Breath Center faculty.

Contact: 336.644.0076; [email protected]

Rev. Tom Lane, D.Min.
Available online and in person at 7716 Penns Grove Road, Summerfield, NC.
Mornings, Monday through Friday and other times by appointment. Fees agreed upon in advance.

Expertise and training: Tom works with people in ministry and women, men, and groups who desire a greater degree of wholeness and/or vocational clarity. He enjoys working with nighttime dreams as aids to guidance, discernment and meaning, and conducts workshops on “Dreamwork as a spiritual practice” for groups of six or more. Tom is an ordained Presbyterian Church minister (honorably retired) and a retired NC Licensed Professional Counselor. He also is a trained spiritual director (Episcopal Diocese of South Carolina) and founder of Journey Conferences.

Contact:; 336.298.7185; [email protected]

Carol Lucas, MPH, BSN, NBC-HWC
Available by phone or in person in Greensboro, NC
Flexible scheduling

Expertise and training: Carol focuses on health and wellness for individuals and groups as well as motivational strategies. Her qualifications include National Board Certification in Health & Wellness Coaching, Health Coaching certifications from Wellcoaches and Balance Health Coaching and membership in the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers.

Contact:; 336.202.9725; [email protected]

Jacqueline Messick
Available in person in Greensboro, NC or over phone or Skype.
Flexible scheduling

Expertise and training: Jacqueline’s expertise and passion is Integrative health coaching for mind, body and spirit. She was trained by Duke Integrative Medicine and holds a Master of Pastoral Studies from Loyola University.

Contact:; 336.339.7714; [email protected]

Gale Robins
Available in Guilford and Randolph Counties. Times and fees flexible.

Expertise and training: Gale completed a three-year spiritual direction program at Charlotte Spirituality Center; Personal Spiritual Deepening Program, Shalem Institute of Spiritual Formation; member of Spiritual Direction International. Over 25 years experience working with special needs and their families going through separation and divorce.

Contact: 336.963.1246; [email protected]

Ellen Simon
Available at 2012 New Garden Road, Suite E, Greensboro.
Fees and frequency of meetings will be arranged and negotiated as needed.

Expertise and training: Ellen holds a BS in Psychology and completed Souljourners, a three-year Benedictine certification program, in 2009. Ellen sits with people from all faith traditions.

Contact: 816.294.3709; [email protected]

Cheri Timmons
Available in person in Greensboro, NC or by phone or video conference.
Flexible scheduling.

Expertise and training: Cheri offers health and wellness coaching for women and both individual and group coaching is available. She offers 4-week and 12-week individual coaching packages and also is available for on-site presentations and workshops addressing a variety of health and wellness topics including: reexamining fitness and food choices, health at every size, effective goal-setting strategies, fostering resilience through life transitions, mindfulness, restorative sleep, transforming stress, relationship roadblocks, cultivating sources of support through change, and designing a nurturing self-care practice. Her qualifications include Health Coach Certification through American Council on Exercise and Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) through University of Maryland at Baltimore, School of Social Work.

Contact:; 336.365.8420; [email protected]

Dr. Duke Walker, D.Min.
Available online via Skype or in person in Fort Mill, SC.
Flexible scheduling and sliding-scale fees.

Expertise and training: Duke’s passion is helping people identify the life-giving voice of God in, with and through them. His areas of interest include: hearing God, healing prayer for body, soul, and spirit, and teaching a contemporary expression and application of contemplative prayer. Duke’s desire is to identify with you where you are in relation to God and what God is inviting you to for your next step. He has diverse roots within the Christian tradition. Offering spiritual direction for the last 10 years from Texas to North Carolina, Duke participates in The Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation, Christian Healing Ministries, Richard Rohr’s Men’s Rite of Passage and more.

Contact: 336.309.1776; [email protected]

David Whiteman, D.Min.
Available Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. online or at 105 Sequoia Dr., Lexington, NC 27292. No assigned fee.

Expertise and training: David holds a B.A. degree from Eastern University, St. David’s, PA; M.Div/D.Min degrees from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and Certificates from the Shalem Institute (in Spiritual Formation) and The Society of Sisters Faithful Companions of Jesus Training Program (in Spiritual Direction). He also completed a residency in pastoral care and counseling at Wake Forest Medical Center School of Pastoral Care. David is the former pastor of Memorial Baptist Church, Buies Creek, and Adjunct Instructor in Religious Studies at Campbell University. He currently serves as director of The Pastor as Spiritual Guide Program (

Contact: 336.843.1929; [email protected]



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