Getting to Know Your Three Centers of Intelligence

Saturday, September 23
9:30am - 1:00pm EST
The Center at Fisher House (211 W. Fisher Ave, Greensboro, NC)

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In this half day workshop, we invite folks into exploring what Jesus might have meant when he said: “The Kingdom of God is within.”


Facilitated by Summer Estes, this workshop will give an introductory understanding of the three centers of intelligence: Body, heart, and mind.


Through teaching, spiritual practices, inquiry, and calling circle, participants will explore how the three centers function when in harmony; how our experience changes when our three centers are out of alignment; and ways to center within and develop an inner felt sense of the wisdom in each of the three centers.


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This course is offered using a sliding scale payment structure. We trust that community members will pay what they can and through this generosity, we all can continue the work of creating a more loving world. If you need additional financial assistance, let us know. Cost will never be a barrier to accessing our work.




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