The Bucket Planner

An ancient story uses a bucket full of water to represent our daily lives. We are given by God, each day, a new bucket, full of living water. However, many of us live with holes in our bucket. In other words, the life force we are given each day is leaked out through our seemingly inability to be present to the moment and present to God. This bucket planner helps us live each day fully and freely through shoring up the holes in our bucket through daily spiritual practice. As we cultivate a rhythm of regular spiritual practice, we create space for God to transform us from and inside out and experience what Jesus of Nazareth described as “fullness of life.” This Bucket Planner is an essential tool for creating consistency and accountability to root our days in spiritual practice.

Our planner provides:

  • 169 pages with over 54 spiritual practices
  • 52 buckets, one for each week
  • A place to set daily intentions
  • Accountability and inspiration for a consistent practice throughout your day
  • Suggested morning practices, evening practice, practices throughout the day
  • Invitation to name a circle of trusted partners and encouragers on your journey
  • Space for reflection and learning

The Bucket Planner offers a clear path to cultivate a vibrant inward spiritual journey through spiritual practice. These life transforming practices will not only be a benefit to you,
but ripple out from your life to impact the world.