Self-Compassion Workshop

Most of us know the commandment: “Love your neighbor as yourself.”


Jesus is undoubtedly teaching his followers to love others well.


But there’s a hidden nugget in there that’s easy to miss: Jesus is also saying you need to love yourself well in order to love others well.


Self compassion isn’t a luxury – it’s a necessity for living and loving well. And it ripples out for the benefit of you and those around you.

Modern research has revealed that people who practice self-compassion experience greater happiness, more motivation, less anxiety, and more satisfying relationships.

Want to learn more? Watch this previously recorded workshop, facilitated by Rev. Jo Nygard Owens, and explore the question: How can I cultivate a more conscious, compassionate relationship with myself?

This 1 hour 50 minute workshop includes:

• Modern research on self-compassion

• 3-centered self-compassion spiritual practices

• Guided reflections to help you tap into your inner wisdom

• A step-by-step action plan to help you practice more self-compassion each day





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