Foundations 101 | Faith Reimagined: Christian Wisdom, Science, and You

Fridays, January 12 - March 1, 2024
9:30am - 12pm
St. Stephen's Episcopal Church • 82 Kimberly Dr, Durham, NC 27707

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Do you have a sense that the stories you’ve always told yourself – about who you are and how the world operates – don’t quite serve you the way they once might have?


Do you find yourself feeling stuck, stagnant, or burned out – longing for a greater vibrancy in your day to day experience?


Do you feel called to a different type of spiritual practice – one that challenges you to deeper inquiry, opens you to great presence, and supports you in living out of the Divine already within and around you?


If you find yourself asking these or similar questions, it might be time to take Foundations 101: Faith Reimagined. This course combines teachings from the Christian wisdom tradition, mind-body spiritual practices, and the latest in peer-reviewed scientific research in fields of neuroscience, psychology, and more.


The Faith Reimagined course will take you on a journey to better understand your internal operating system – your framing stories, unconscious drives, and habits of emotional defense – so that you may become more aware and more present to all that arises each day. Through this presence we believe we are better able to open to, and co-create with the Divine in and around us. And in this relationship with the Divine, we can respond to the circumstances of our lives and our world from a place of wisdom, toward healing.


This 7-week in-person course is being facilitated by Susan Gladin, M.Div and Nancy Spencer, MA. Susan and Nancy have been co-facilitating this curriculum for years in both in-person and online formats.


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This course is offered using a sliding scale payment structure. We trust that community members will pay what they can and through this generosity, we all can continue the work of creating a more loving world. If you need additional financial assistance, let us know. Cost will never be a barrier to accessing our work..




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