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Outward Journey


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In the Outward Journey class, you are invited to consider what you want to do with “your one wild and precious life” as Mary Oliver said in her poem The Summer Day. You will take a look at the competing energies that both hinder and help as you move towards living a life of intention, meaning and joy. With spiritual practices as a guide along with many stories and experiences that inspire, your outward journey invites you to step into the world with more clarity, compassion, and confidence.

Coming Soon!

Welcome to the Outward Journey

This class invites you to explore what you really want to do and be in your life.

What topics are covered in this course?

  • “Call” and “Vocation” Redefined
  • Competing Energies Within Us
  • Everything in Our Life Matters
  • Our Special Way of Being in the World
  • Our Aliveness Thread
  • Our Uniquely Significant Touch Points in Life

What is included in this course?

  • Ted-like talks from the Reverend Greg Farrand and Ruth D. Anderson, PhD
  • Uniquely designed Reflection Questions and Activities for you to think about what brings you joy; how you are gifted (and not gifted); and how everything in your life belongs and contributes to you “living in fullness.”
  • Spiritual Practices that are both beautiful and practical to bring clarity to your outward journey
  • Forums where you can read and contribute to stories about the outward journey (and be inspired or you inspiring the Second Breath community)
  • Office hours (live-once each quarter) with the Rev. Greg Farrand, Executive Director and/or Ruth D. Anderson, PhD, Chief Content Officer of Second Breath Center (both former participants who have been personally impacted by this very same course content and spiritual practice)
  • Experiences and insights on the life you have led and the life you are now living that have boundless potential for your present and your future-saturated in Divine Love

“SBC and The Outward Journey class has helped people look within to grasp their deeper meaning and purpose for our outside world in a fun, safe, enriching, and comfortable environment. They are able to help others with this because they practice what they teach. I like what they are doing because they are truly helping to create a new earth. I am so thankful for The Outward Journey class and can't wait to take more classes with SBC.”

– Evan Logan

"The Life We're Living"

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