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Ready to breathe  new life   into your community?

The old tools aren't working.

And if we’re honest, they were not working so well before the pandemic. We all know attendance – and the perceived relevance of the church – has declined dramatically in the past decades.

New courageous ways of engaging are desperately needed.

Stop spinning.

We’ve supported many church leaders who have been called to offer their gifts, but feel stuck. Trying harder isn’t working. They’ve said:

Start Second Breath.

Since 1992, we’ve worked with thousands of visionary clergy and leaders to develop a fresh, practice-based experience of Christian spirituality that leads to:

• Refreshed leadership
• Engaged congregations
• Inspired vision
• New and deep friendships
• Meaningful connection with community

This transformation is possible through our courses, workshops, spiritual practice app, and guidance uniquely crafted for your faith community.

Spinning exhausts. Second Breath energizes.

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Go at your own pace.

Transformation, especially as a community, is an intentional process. We are with you every step of the way. 

transform your community

Transform your community.

Feel refreshed and build bottom-up parishioner engagement that overflows inside and outside your church walls. 

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In deep appreciation of the work that you do for our faith communities, we’re eager and honored to offer you support.


From Frustration to Fullness is a 7-day spiritual practice guide specifically crafted for faith leaders like you. Download and experience the transformative power of no-pressure spiritual practice.



"From Frustration to Fullness" 7-Day Spiritual Practice Journey PDF