A distance learning experience that will stay with you forever.

For 25 years, our courses have brought about lasting change for individuals and groups that traveled to our home base at The Servant Leadership School in Greensboro, North Carolina. After seeing how powerfully the content, learning experiences and practices impact our students, we realized that increasing access (and, therefore, an online component) would be critical to our mission of co-creating a better world. We are pleased to now offer the first class in our two-year program online, SB 1: The Inward Journey of Faith. This online class allows you to work at your own pace, in and around your busy schedule. Facilitators also may access our facilitator kits, which will allow you to lead your own small group in our transformational coursework and practices.

“Meet Greg Farrand your instructor for Inward Journey of Faith.” 7:47

Facilitator Kits

The Facilitator Kit provides step by step guidelines for each of the 17 sessions. Based on years of teaching this content, this facilitator kit has practical tips and specific guidance to support streamlined and organized facilitation. Coming soon.

For each session, there is an outline of each segment of that session which includes the following:

Instructions and suggestions on a spiritual practice to begin the session;

Summary of each session;

Video length (useful for planning);

Reflection questions at three levels of engagement: Initial Response; Interpretive; and Invitational (adjustable based on facilitator and participant needs);

Sharing opportunities and options outlined for group work (depending on the group make up);

Spiritual Awareness Practices and Audio Spiritual Practices

Notes to the Facilitator are provided for each step of the process. Additionally one major spiritual practice is scripted for the facilitator to use and a small group process is outlined in Calling the Circle Principles, Practices and Agreements. Also for each session, handouts for participants are available to easily print and copy. These handouts can be edited to meet the facilitator and participant needs.

At the end of the guide, a resource list is available to explore any of the content issues more deeply. Inspirational quotes from teachers and mentors are interspersed throughout the guide.

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