Our Mission


To teach spiritual practice and ancient Christian wisdom, and together, to celebrate as these learnings transform lives and the world. 

We believe the way you see the world shapes your reality and how you live.


At Second Breath, we dare to live in a reality where...

The universe just might be a friendly place.

Compassion is the called companion during fear.

Generosity is our response to encountering scarcity.

Excitement is our reaction to others doing similar work. 

And, we are called to believe in and work for a better world.

"Tell me what you pay attention to and I will tell you who you are."

-José Ortega y Gasset


These core principles guide our organizational culture and decision making.

We create the space and presence to deeply hear and understand the perspectives of others and act on the themes that emerge. We are committed to listening interpersonally, qualitatively, AND quantitatively to customers as well as colleagues.

A commitment to producing quality work in all areas of practice, consistently more insistent about the standards of the products we are creating than the recipients of that product. We seek to create products that will “hold water” and are enduring, ensuring that creation timelines allow space and timing to create to hit the “Second Breath Quality Bar.”

When an individual new or returning “comes through our doors”, we embody an enveloping dedication to ensure that those who engage in the work of Second Breath are supported, welcomed, included, and have a seamless experience in their interactions. This orientation is based on the belief that those who arrive to our work are brought here on behalf of divine flow; we welcome them with curiosity and love.

We consciously choose to shift from ordinary awareness (what the Buddhists call “monkey mind”) to spiritual awareness. Through the lens of spiritual awareness, we become our truest self and grow in the experiential reality of our already existing connection with God, others, and all of creation. We facilitate this shift through spiritual practice.

While we are focused on meeting the objectives at hand, we take time to raise our eyes hopefully to the horizon and imagine what might be possible.

We display a spirit of radical nurturing to the area for which we are responsible.  We are keenly observant of patterns emerging and assume responsibility for all aspects of the sphere which we are tending.

We are committed to recruiting, welcoming, and cultivating talented team members as a central part of what we do.

At Second Breath we recognize the conflict does not age well. We, therefore, commit ourselves to speak when there is a countervailing perspective and to seek resolution to reach alignment together. We believe diverse perspectives are critical to discernment.

We invent systems, templates, and processes that allow all who engage in Second Breath to create space for deeper engagement, growth, and development for companions and staff alike.

We are present in the current of reality.  We engage in practice to have a three-centered sense of what is working, what is not working, and what may work.