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Inward Journey


Have you ever thought about how your opinion of the “friendliness” of the Universe impacts your choices in life? Or what motivates you to take some actions and not others? Or how spiritual practice can enhance what Jesus called your “fullness of life”? 


In this class, you will take an inward journey that might surprise and delight you as you pause and explore basic questions about how you view and live your life through the lens of the Christian wisdom tradition.



Welcome to the Inward Journey

The inward journey guides you to experiencing what Jesus called “fullness of life.” Through talks, reflections, and spiritual practices, we invite you to consider what God has in store for you right now.

What topics are covered in this course?

  • The Path and Practice of Christian Spirituality

  • Our Framing Stories and the Impact on Our Lives

  • From The Self We Became Instead to the Self God Has in Mind: True Self/False Self

  • Exodus Story as Our Story

  • What Drives Us: Looking for Love in all the Wrong Places

  • Spiritual Practice through Accessing the Aliveness of Our Three Centers of Intelligence

What is included in this course?

  • 17 brief TED-like talks from the Reverend Greg Farrand 
  • Uniquely designed reflection questions and activities for each topic – some are straight forward and others access your imagination; but all invite you to consider how this content impacts your life right now
  • Spiritual practices that are both beautiful and useful woven into each lesson
  • Forums where you can read and contribute stories about the inward journey with others in the Second Breath Community
  • Live, quarterly office hours with the Reverend Greg Farrand, Executive Director and/or Ruth D. Anderson, PhD, Chief Content Officer of Second Breath Center. Both  Greg and Ruth are former participants who have been personally impacted by this very same course content and spiritual practice
  • Experiences that bring a smile or an “ah-ha” or some deep insight into your life—right now

These classes have [given me] permission to feel and heal. I've been able to take off the mask of false self and move lovingly into my truest self to be of service in our world.

– Kathy Mack

Course Pacing Options

We know everyone has unique schedules and responsibilities, so we’ve provided three options for taking The Inward Journey.


(In order to enable depth of engagement, we recommend the six-week Inward Journey course schedule.)


Weekly Course


Receive course materials once weekly for 6 weeks

Daily Course

Receive course material once daily for 6 days

Bulk Release

Receive all course material at once