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The Church of the Good Shepherd + Second Breath


For more than 30 years, Second Breath has been welcoming individuals of diverse faith traditions and no faith tradition to journey the path of contemplatives. We believe that you are wonderfully made – and our school is here to support you in living fully and freely.


Our workshops are grounded in teachings from spiritual mystics of the Christian Wisdom Tradition, and latest peer-reviewed scientific research to help you explore and expand the life you are living.


In fall 2023 and winter 2024, we’re thrilled to bring our workshops to The Church of Good Shepherd! Learn more about the current offerings below:


Creativity as Spiritual Practice
SATURDAY, November 4 |  What happens when we approach creative expression with our whole being – clear mind, open heart, and grounded body? What might that add to our lives? And what might it offer to the world? Enroll in this half-day workshop facilitated by Amy Hoogervorst, NBC-HWC, and explore the play and interplay of creativity and spiritual practice. No experience necessary!
Discovering Your Three Centers of Intelligence
SATURDAY, Jan. 20 | In this half-day workshop, we invite folks to explore what Jesus meant when he said: “The Kingdom of God is within.” Through teaching, spiritual practices, inquiry, and calling circle, participants will explore how the three centers function when in harmony; how our experience changes when our three centers are out of alignment; and ways to center within and develop an inner felt sense of the wisdom in each of the three centers.


inward journey solo


The Inward Journey includes keystone teachings and practices developed to help you move toward a life of greater meaning and aliveness.


This path creates the space for you to ask questions such as:

  • How does my culture and my ego impact my choices?
  • How do I cultivate a loving relationship with all that arises each day?
  • What is my purpose for being on planet earth?
  • What would my life look like if I co-created with the Divine dwelling within me?

If you are asking these questions and have 1.5-5 hours a week to dedicate to deeply listening to your life, this path may be a good fit. All students are invited to meet with a personalized Second Breath coach at the end of their course.

The Inward Journey: Self-Guided Experience


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