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Power of Practice

All who engage in Second Breath courses are encouraged to engage in spiritual practice as an integral part of our journey towards “fullness of life.” Over the years, we have been amazed at the creative ways people have incorporated spiritual practice into their lives and the powerful impact it has had. Some folks do a spiritual practice as the coffee brews each morning and others take a few minutes as they load the dishwasher after dinner. Some share how clearing the mind practices helps in their writing career; and others have shared how a body practice has given them pause in order to listen to a pre-teen son or frustrated co-worker. In this Forum, we would love to hear from you about your practice—both the logistics (how, where and when do you actually do your practices) as well as the stories of what happened when you did engage in spiritual practice in your everyday life.

Here are some guiding questions for those interested in contributing to the conversation.

  • Where and how do you “do” spiritual practice in your (busy) life?
  • What specific practice helps you with what specific life issue?
  • How has your life shifted since engaging in spiritual practices? In what ways have your relationships—with yourself and others—changed?
  • Have you discerned any call to action as you have been on this inward journey and outward journey?

The whole purpose of spiritual practice is to live each moment—no matter how complicated or joyful—with awareness, embodied wisdom, and unconditional kindness. Sharing examples from the life we live helps us all and enlightens our mutual way. We appreciate your willingness to share so we all can continue to learn and grow together in this Second Breath community.

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