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Form Template:

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The Form in Action:

Recommended for those who would like to spend some time reflecting on the major ideas in this lesson. No need to be a great writer for this activity!

Think about a time when you experienced peace, joy, or stillness. Let yourself free write without judgment about this experience for at least 15 minutes.

If you find yourself looking at a blank page, close your eyes and sense the scene. What were the noises, sounds, smells, images, and feelings that you experienced?
Recommended for those who would like to “play around” with the ideas presented in this lesson through simple drawings, doodles, or another activity that feels enjoyable. No need to be an artist for this choice!
Go for a walk in your home, yard, or a public space. Using your phone or preferred camera, capture a few images of moments happening "off the hamster wheel."

This may be a picture of a bird singing in a low tree branch; your toddler marveling at ice melting; or an open field that evokes a sense of stillness. Upload up to 3 of your favorite images.

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Recommended for those who want a “deeper dive” into the impact of this lesson and/or plan to use this material to teach others.
Share the stories of three individuals you know who have struggled in their outward lives (job, family, etc.) because of a beleaguered or troubled inner life. We accept the stories without judgement and welcome you to anonymize the individuals to your comfort.