Faith, Hope, and Love

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My friend, Susan Sherard, gave a sermon on faith from Matthew 17:20 when Jesus says if our faith is as small as a mustard seed then we could move mountains. Susan told a story about when she, as a child, received a necklace that had a little clear ball at the end of a chain and that inside the round ball was a tiny mustard seed. She said that over time, much to her surprise, a little green sprout began to grow from the seed. That image of the small seed creating new life in that little glass ball makes me smile and gives me hope. How do we cultivate faith, hope and love? Perhaps by hanging a tiny seed of faith, near our hearts and waiting to see what grows?


We have all heard the verse from I Corinthians about faith, hope and love and how important these three qualities are in our lives. How do we cultivate these qualities as we move through our days?

Our featured spiritual practice this week, called “Faith, Hope, and Love” is based on the science of the brain and the Christian wisdom tradition, and simply helps us remember that we are held each day in God’s grace.

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