SB1 for Individuals

If you are interested in taking SB-1 at your own pace, we have created a SB-1 Participant Workbook designed to enhance your learning and growth.

For each session, there is an outline of each segment of that session which includes the following:

  • Summary of each session with space for taking notes;
  • Video length (useful for planning);
  • Reflection questions at three levels of engagement: Initial Response; Interpretive; and Invitational with space for journaling on any of the questions;
  • Sharing opportunities and options outlined for group work (depending on the group make up);
  • Spiritual Awareness Practices and Audio Spiritual Practices

At the end of the guide, a resource list is available to explore any of the content issues more deeply. Inspirational quotes from teachers and mentors are interspersed throughout the guide.

Throughout the workbook there are many quotes and encouraging words to support participant’s on the journey.

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We encourage participants to also purchase the 12 audio spiritual practices.

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