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Practicing Presence

In this class, we take a deeper dive into some of the spiritual practices learned in the first year and introduce new practices that awaken our heart’s true desires, engage our mind’s creative potential and activate our body’s intelligence. Our time together includes a variety of spiritual practices, gentle breathwork, the Enneagram and a variety of ways to be fully expressed in our everyday lives. We learn to embrace our uniqueness and live open to whatever arises with wisdom, creativity and embodied immediacy.

In Practicing Presence, we ask:




In this class, we try out some new ways to occupy the space we are in (we call this presence). In other words, we learn how to engage fully no matter what life brings. This means staying open to all people and all situations without shutting down. The key to this class is practice — with an emphasis on practicing presence.

Key Concepts

Three Centers of Intelligence
We explore each center with story, spiritual practice and then reflection. We live a life “practicing presence” each day.

Recognizing reactivity
Learning how to get really good at “catching ourselves” in the act of shutting down and then learning how to open to Divine Presence.

The body as a guide
The body becomes a guide and an ally when we get off balance. We learn how to come back home to our senses.

The heart as an open door
The heart opens to forgiveness, authenticity and compassion with exploration and some truth-telling.

The mind as a positive and relaxed wanderer

The mind settles into curiosity and spacious creativity

Structure for all core classes

We assume that the wisdom needed for this journey is inside each person — and we help you create space for this wisdom to emerge.

Content is delivered in person or in video segments presented online — along with supporting reading material.

You will be invited to slow down and take time to reflect on the most pressing questions about your life.

If desired, you can share reflections around a table with others in a safe and trusting space.

Spiritual practices incorporated throughout the course will help you access the wisdom of the body, heart and mind — which is central to shifting into new life.

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For me, these teachings were a real awakening. The faculty are very supportive and encourage both introspection and sharing in a positive and nurturing environment. I have learned to appreciate regular spiritual practice and the increased balance and focus it brings to my life.

Laura Young, Special Assistant to Vice-Chancellor at UNCG (retired)

Participating in this program has helped me better understand and value the importance of community in my faith journey. Sharing my life with others has never been an easy or comfortable thing for me to do, but the small group nature helps to create safe spaces for honesty without fear of judgment. I’ve come to understand that people who participate in these classes and experiences are seekers just like me, and while our stories may be different, we often share similar fears, doubts and insecurities. None of us has what it takes to truly ‘go it alone’. We simply weren’t built that way. We all need other people for support, guidance and discernment, and Second Breath provides a great model for finding what we need.

Ken Keeton, Triad Health Project Director, retired

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