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Inward Journey

In the first class of our core series, Inward Journey, we talk about some big questions in life:




We reflect on the life we are living and then ask ourselves: Are we living a life of fullness and freedom? Am I fully expressed in my life? Does my life have meaning?

Rooted in the Christian wisdom tradition, this class invites a shift in perception that allows us a new way of seeing and being in the world: new life. Offer onsite each fall. Enroll

“An Introduction to The Inward Journey.” 3:08

Key Concepts

Journey inward — journey outward
There is no great outer work without great inner work.

Worldview influence
How does our worldview influence our choices in the world? We ask: Is the Universe friendly? Or not? And what difference does our worldview make in our lives?

The role of personality
How does our ego/personality estrange us from truest self? How might we befriend our truest self? We use the Enneagram to help us identify true self/false self.

Sacred story
Moving from Bondage/Addiction to Freedom/Fullness — a new way to view Christian spirituality.

Three centers of intelligence
Spiritual practices that open and align all three centers: Grounded body. Open heart. Clear mind.

Discovering your call
Discerning our piece of God’s dream in service to the world’s goodness.

Structure for all core classes

We assume that the wisdom needed for this journey is inside each person — and we help you create space for this wisdom to emerge.

Content is delivered in person or in video segments presented online — along with supporting reading material.

You will be invited to slow down time and take time to reflect on the most pressing questions about your life.

If desired, you can share reflections around a table with others in a safe and trusting space.

Spiritual practices incorporated throughout the course will help you access the wisdom of the body, heart and mind — which is central to shifting into new life.

Greg's passion is contagious. His energy, faith and deep spiritual conviction are very apparent and enviable. He makes growing with God an attainable, desirable and challenging way to live and love.

Mary Lynn Taylor, former agency director at Blue Ridge Health Services

I think this model is what the church needs to move to in the 21st century. This program affirmed that I as a minister do not need to be in total control. The load is shared.

Rev. Jill Alventosa-Brown, United Methodist

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