Coming Home to Ourselves through the Enneagram: An Introductory Workshop to Increase Self Awareness, Compassion for Self, our Loved Ones, and the World

Enneagram Workshop Schedule and details:

Dates: October 25-26, 2019
Friday, October 25 from 6:00-9:00 PM
Saturday, October 26 from 9:00 AM -5:00 PM
Location: Second Breath Greensboro Campus
Cost: Register before October 18 for 20% off!

For current SBC students $95; For general public $195


The Enneagram, a personality typology for self-understanding, is an ancient symbol with modern psychological roots. However, the Enneagram is much more than a personality typology or a “box” to put ourselves in. Instead, it shows us with great precision the “box of our personality” and points us to our capacity of living from greater presence and unlimited potential.

Have you ever noticed yourself or someone else saying,  “Well that is just the way I am” in regards to a particular habit or way of behaving? 

Have you ever wondered why you are easily annoyed by certain people and quickly connect with others?

Do you notice habitual behaviors within yourself or loved one that you know falls short of who you or they really are?

Do you ever feel like something deep down is missing, but you can’t quite figure out what that something is?

All of these questions give us clues into our personality patterns and our limiting way of being. The late Dr. David Daniels (psychiatrist at Stanford and Enneagram teacher) said: “Our brains are pattern making machines and our personality patterns stand out as one of the most fundamental of such patterns. When we are “asleep” to our ego patterns we are enslaved for better or for worse, however, when we understand ourselves more deeply we have the opportunity to “wake up” out of our habitual reactions and patterns and be present for our lives, our loved ones, and the world.”
The Enneagram is a dynamic and powerful tool in identifying 9 personality/ego patterns found in human beings. The Enneagram shows us our core motivations, core fears, how the 9 personalities seek to have their needs met, what triggers them, how conflict is handled, social role, predicts behaviors under stress as well as gifts inherent within. Practicing with the Enneagram is life changing and brings deep compassion for oneself and fellow human beings.

This workshop seeks to offer an engaging and experiential introduction of this practical wisdom tool. It is designed in mind with participants new and old to the Enneagram. In this workshop we will examine:

  • The 3 Centers of Intelligence
  • An introductory of the 9 types or personality patterns
  • The Levels of Development and behaviors under stress as well as growth
  • How to use the Enneagram in your daily life and integrate it as a spiritual practice

This workshop will include practices to help integrate the material along with simple breath work and engagement of each other. It is designed to increase deeper curiosity within and foster a heart opening path to oneself and others.

Participants will come away with:

  • Insights into improving your relationship with your self and others through increased self awareness
  • Understanding of the imbalance of the centers of intelligence and why bringing them into alignment is essential in our spiritual walk and being a whole human being
  • Increased awareness of one’s fixations and habits that contract awareness and behaviors or qualities of being that come from greater presence
  • A practice to incorporate into your daily life that develops kindness, curiosity, and greater emotional intelligence

*You do not need to know your type before coming as the workshop itself may help you discover your type. However, if you would like help in knowing your type before the workshop we encourage you to consider reading Dr. David Daniels’ very short book, Essential Enneagram as a way to discover your type or going to and taking the $12 RHETI test before coming.

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