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Community of Practice

The work of this class will enable you to discover how your unique presence each day is unfolding to deepen the focus and purpose of the life you are living in service to a world ignited by Love.

You will learn how to relate to whatever arises with awareness, wisdom and embodied immediacy with unconditional compassion—cultivating a resilience and joyful relationship with all that life brings.

In Community of Practice, we ask:




We explore and embrace, with great energy, our special way of being in the world.

In this class, we continue to embrace what brings us joy and deep satisfaction in our current life situation. We gain the understanding that our inward journey is what empowers and readies us to be fully alive in the life we are living—our outward journey. We are willing to reflect on our lives and make any changes to more deeply express our truest selves.

Key Concepts

The inward journey and the outward journey are inextricably linked:

How to practice presence with the wisdom of looking backwards at our lives — acknowledging that everything in our life matters.

Trusting and Activating our three centers of intelligence
We learn how to trust mind, body and heart with the deepest questions we have about living a life of meaning — a life of freedom and fullness each day.

We respect and explore the wisdom within us
This wisdom guides us each day and also helps us access the courage to become fully expressed in all we do. We discern if we need to make any changes to reflect our deepest co-creative possibility in life.

We spend time in community
We learn how to be present not only to our own daily discernment process but to the process of others — all holding in trust the essential questions in our lives. We listen, ask open ended questions and delight in the discovery of each other’s best life choices.

We may be open to experience the Clearness Committee process
This is where we bring our hunches about what might be the next steps for our outward journey, trusting the wisdom of our community to help us build upon our path.


Structure for all core classes

We assume that the wisdom needed for this journey is inside each person — and we help you create space for this wisdom to emerge.

Content is delivered in person or in video segments presented online — along with supporting reading material.

You will be invited to slow down time and take time to reflect on the most pressing questions about your life.

If desired, you can share reflections around a table with others in a safe and trusting space.

Spiritual practices incorporated throughout the course will help you access the wisdom of the body, heart and mind — which is central to shifting into new life.

This work has been transforming, powerful and life-changing for many in our church. Several people in his congregation have found their particular call to serve in the community through the participation in these classes and experiences.

The Rev. Charlie Zimmerman

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