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Second Breath Church Transformation

With over 25 years of experience, Second Breath works hand in hand with churches to experience transformation from the inside-out and the ground-up. We partner with churches who want to embody the “fullness of life” that Jesus describes in the Gospels and make a significant impact on the world. Perhaps you are a part of a vibrant congregation and want to deepen spiritual formation and clarify your mission. Maybe your church is in transition and you hope for a refreshed vision and deepening awareness of God’s presence. Or perhaps you feel like you’re running on the endless hamster wheel of ministry and see little impact and growth within your congregation and community. We spend time with each person and church to prayerfully listen and contextualize a transformational space within your unique context.

Through consulting, teaching, training, coaching and spiritual practice, Second Breath works with churches, to experience healing and transformation that renews individuals and groups, refreshes vision and empowers co-creative impact in the world.

We know that great outer work arises from great inner work. Through Second Breath Center we cultivate both.
Want to learn how Second Breath can partner with your church? Contact Second Breath to schedule a conversation with a senior Second Breath facilitator. We would love to hear about the hopes and dreams for your unique congregation. Email Lisa Boxley at [email protected] or call (336)275-0447.

Excited to experience the principles and practices of Second Breath?

Invite a Second Breath Co-Director to your Community for an Introduction to Second Breath Workshop and experience the life-giving potential this content provides for your church and community. Are you interesting in bringing this fresh and expansive expression of Christianity that connects the intelligence of the mind, body, and heart? This workshop offers spiritual practices that shift our awareness, connect us to our deepest longing, and tap us into our collaborative ability to co-create a better world. Typical timeframes are on Saturdays from 10 am until 4 pm.

Attend or send a team to a 5-day Second Breath Inward Journey Facilitator Training in Greensboro, North Carolina on the beautiful campus of Holy Trinity Episcopal Church and learn how to offer this experience and content to church members, leaders and community partners. After the training, you will have the materials you need to invigorate your community (including 17 content sessions on DVD or online with the Rev. Greg Farrand along with Facilitator Guides, Participant Workbooks and spiritual practices) and have the opportunity to apply for Second Breath Facilitator Certification. Come and see the impact this experience has had on both Holy Trinity Episcopal Church and the surrounding community.

One of the great challenges of the church is to inspire and encourage its members, while also introducing those beyond church walls to the call and power of God’s love. With its fresh and integrated focus on spiritual practice, Biblical narrative, new science and psychology, the Second Breath Center engages believers and seekers alike as they explore who they are and who they are called to be. Classes become small communities of discovery and commitment, and participants emerge with renewed awareness and vision. As a priest of the church for over 30 years, and as both a student and teacher of this work, I have never experienced a more effective and wide-reaching venue for personal and public transformation in the spirit of God’s hope for all of us.

The Rev. Susan Sherard, Episcopal Priest

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