There is no great outer work without great inner work. Our courses cultivate both.

Second Breath’s programming is centered on a critical shift: helping you activate the intelligence of the mind, heart and body so that you can move in the direction of your heart’s longing. You’ll gain a transformative kind of wisdom based on a nuanced, fresh and expansive expression of Christian spirituality — one that provides a roadmap to living freely and fully. And more importantly, we’ll empower you with a toolbox of spiritual practices that help bring about a powerful transformation: What you come to understand in your mind drops into your heart. This shift changes the way you understand and experience daily life, allowing you to invest your life’s energy in more meaningful ways.

Ways to participate

We offer programs in person at our Greensboro, NC campus as well as online. For some courses, facilitator kits are available for small group learning at your location.

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4 Core Courses that build the foundation for living freely and fully

The transformative impact of the Second Breath curriculum is best experienced by moving through our four core courses over time. Journeying through this curriculum will bring about a shift in perspective and a new, more peaceful and purposeful way of living. Inward Journey is a prerequisite to taking any of our other core classes — Outward Journey, Practicing Presence, and Community of Practice.

Inward Journey

This class invites us to experience what Jesus described as a life of fullness and meaning. We will explore how the lenses and paradigms that we inherit from our culture and upbringing keep us stuck. Featuring the wisdom of ancient spirituality, psychology, sociology and cosmology along with an extensive toolbox of practices, this course blends the inward journey of personal transformation with the outward journey of service in the world. Learn more.

Outward Journey

This class is about discerning your “deep gladness” at your current stage of life. Through reflection, exploration of our gifts, engagement of spiritual practices, and dialogue, we ask: What is the particular piece of God’s dream that has been specifically entrusted to me? What has my entire life, to this point, prepared me for? The work of this class will enable you to live more freely and fully, with purpose and meaning in the world. Learn more.

Practicing Presence

Often our cultural context emphasizes intellectual understanding to the detriment of the heart and body. As a result, many people can describe their spiritual beliefs, but do not experience joy, freedom and fullness of life. This class creates space to make a shift from an intellectual belief system to actual inner experience by activating the three centers of intelligence — grounded body, open heart, clear mind — and increasing our capacity to live as instruments of God’s presence in the world. Learn more.


Community of Practice

In this class, we cultivate an environment for all to become more fully expressed each day. The class provides structures designed to support each other’s inward and outward journeys. We ask: What are the spiritual practices that are of service to me at this stage of my life? What changes might be needed or wanted in order for me to live my most fully expressed life? What can I do in each center of intelligence that might strengthen my presence in my life and world? The work of this class will enable us, with the good support of others on the journey, to live with more intention and to live more freely and fully each day. Learn more.

Companion Programs

Second Breath offers a variety of transformative companion courses to support your journey and personal growth. Learn more or enroll.

Writing from the Heart taking time to write from the deepest understanding of our lives ENROLL

Prayerful Yoga meeting our bodies, minds, Spirits with where they are ENROLL

Fourth Saturdays for Healing Breath Community participating in a Healing Breath session in community ENROLL

Practicing Presence Through the Enneagram seeks to create a safe and supportive community in integrating spiritual practices using the Enneagram. Registration is closed.


Contemplative Prayer taking three deep breaths and then entering into silence together for twenty minutes ENROLL

Sacred Activism: Being Present to Children in Poverty working together to support and with children in poverty. ENROLL

Second Saturdays for Spiritual Practice coming together in community to engage in spiritual practices ENROLL


Retreats, Conferences and Workshops

Join Second Breath for retreats, conferences and workshops — typically held at our center in Greensboro, NC. Learn more on the pages below or enroll.

After a forty year career of guiding adults through growth experiences, I was startled, delighted and touched deeply by the powerful mix of tools used by Second Breath faculty. This includes contemplative spiritual practices, small groups and content from current psychological perspectives, all designed to guide us on our own life journeys.

David L. DeVries, PhD, Founding Member and Honorary Senior Fellow, Center for Creative Leadership

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