Conscious Facilitation Training

Conscious Facilitation Training

Create sacred space to help others experience "fullness of life."

We all long for deep aliveness. But so many of us spend our days operating from a place of scarcity – fearful, reactionary, and closed off to the abundance of life and the Divine Wisdom within.


This is common. But it isn’t the only way.


We know from more than two decades of scholarship and insights from thousands of participants that it is possible to find greater meaning, aliveness, and love through Second Breath.


Training in Conscious Facilitation provides you with the tools to create sacred space for others to discover their own three-centered intelligence and rediscover “fullness of life.”


Conscious facilitators are vessels for Divine Presence, guiding others in a journey to their spiritual path and fostering supportive community that holds space for each of our members to become their most authentic selves – the self God had in mind.

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In this program, you will:

Training Part 1:


In this session, you will explore the concept of Conscious Three Centered Facilitation that’s grounded in the intelligence of the body; the unconditional kindness of the heart; and a calm, open mind.
In this session, you will practice creating sacred space that lets people meet life’s challenges with trust in the Divine Wisdom we all have inside.
In this session, you will explore what it means to listen deeply and to speak with intention in your relationships and as a facilitator.
In this session, you will cultivate curiosity and appreciation as tools for releasing into Divine Presence.
In this session, you will investigate evolutions in your own spiritual practice and begin imagining how your path informs where and how you might create sacred space for spiritual growth.
In this session, you will determine a set of commitments – held loosely, with trust in your own three-centered intelligence and Divine flow – for growing the Second Breath movement.

Training Part 2:


Facilitating your First Inward Journey Class


You will be in the Facilitator’s chair, guiding people on their own unique Inward Journey. Second Breath will be there to support you every step of the way. 

Facilitator Team Sessions


You will be sharing this space with other first-time facilitators, joining in vibrant community, supporting each other in this journey and receiving feedback from Second Breath facilitators and staff. These meetings will start the week of September 26.

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In order to be eligible for this course, you must be an Inward Journey graduate or receive prior approval from the Second Breath Leadership Team.

Conscious Facilitation Training


*Please note that at Second Breath, cost will never be a barrier to accessing our teachings. If you would like a scholarship, email [email protected]