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Go Solo

For self-starters who don’t mind a solo dance party.


Grow As A Group

For community members ready for immersive and experiential change.

Get Certified

For experienced journeyers who want to help breathe life into new communities.

Go Solo
Embark on a 21 day journey that guides you in slowing a racing mind, opening your heart to compassion, and bringing vibrancy back to the present moment. This path supports the habit of creating daily space to connect to Source and self with ~8 minutes of daily spiritual practice. After your guided 21 day path, you have annual access to touchstone practices on our app for moments of stress, anxiety, and sleeplessness as well as series on topics such as friendship, grief, and forgiveness.
Dive into our keystone teachings and practices as you begin the Inward Journey that support you in moving to a life of greater meaning and aliveness. This path creates the space for you to ask questions such as: How does my culture and my ego impact my choices? How do I cultivate a loving relationship with all that arises each day? What is my purpose for being on planet earth? What would my life look like if I co-created with the Divine dwelling within me? If you are asking these questions and have 1.5-5 hours a week to dedicate to deeply listening to your life, this path may be a good fit. All students are invited to meet with a personalized Second Breath coach at the end of their course.

Grow As a Group

Our most popular offering: This eight-week journey enables small groups of individuals to explore into Christian Wisdom teachings, enrich their personal spiritual practice, and hold life-changing questions in the felt-presence of others who welcome their authentic growth, vulnerability and transformation. We find that many students leave the Inward Journey feeling seen, heard, and more fully present.


*Cohorts open for enrollment now:


• Tuesdays | May 10-June 28 | 6-8pm EST

• Thursdays | May 12-June 30 | 10am-12pm EST

Get Certified

At Second Breath we teach so that there may be teachers out of our students. If your deep gladness arises from welcoming the authentic self in others–you may consider becoming Second Breath certified facilitator and bringing the movement to the individuals in your community. If this sounds like something you might be interested in, we invite you to reach out to pre-register for our next certification training cohort.