21 Days of Spiritual Practice

Welcome! Over the next three weeks, we’ll support you in carving out space for stillness and cultivating more capacity to meet whatever arises with confidence, compassion, and calm.

Let’s kick things off with a short talk by Rev. Greg Farrand, Second Breath’s Executive Director. In the video below, you’ll hear from Greg about the origins of Sabbath and how practicing micro-Sabbath can change your life today.

Ready to begin your daily, micro-Sabbath practice? Your next step is downloading the Second Breath app!


At Second Breath, we want to emphasize that there is no “right” way to engage in spiritual practice. Our app was crafted to help you engage in spiritual practice with curiosity, flexibility, and even humor.


Make sure you jot down the unique promo code you received in your purchase confirmation email (Subject line: Your Second Breath order has been received!). Then, use the step-by-step instructions below to download the Second Breath app and activate your premium subscription.

If you have additional questions or feedback, contact us via our Tech Support page.

Once you’ve downloaded the Second Breath app on your preferred device, you’re ready to begin practicing with your 21-day spiritual practice calendar.


Each day is meant to build on the previous one; but you are welcome to listen multiple times or jump around if you prefer.


We hope you find God’s grace and wisdom every time you make space to settle into the present moment.


Ruth Anderson and the Second Breath Team


P.S. Don’t be a stranger! Reach out to us directly at any point in your journey with thoughts, ideas, or feedback. We love to hear from our community.